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How to Deal with Challenges

Educators teach with chalk and books, life teaches through adversity and challenges.” – Pat Mesiti

Life occasionally throws us curved balls and lemons.  Without inner strength, these moments can be scary and depressing.  Even the most successful people go through severe challenges but the difference lies in how they hurdled these and survived.

Pat Mesiti  was on top of his game when a series of crises rocked his life. In a blink of an eye, he lost everything that he had– marriage and well-paying career. Today, however, Pat Mesiti is back on his feet, better and wiser than before, taking on the path of guiding others who struggle with personal challenges.  

Life lesson No. 1 : Pain brings growth

The pain you experience while at your lowest can be the seed for growth. Just like Pat Mesiti, it was when I was at my lowest that I developed my inner strength.  Problems can bring out the best or worst in people. With the right mindset, it is possible to use this struggle to rise above your challenges and soar even higher than before.

Without life’s challenges, people tend to develop complacency. Painful experience forces them to change. No pain, no progress.  

How to deal with challenges

Attack the problem, not the people.

A serious problem can cause a lot of stress and overwhelm, often leading you to take out your frustrations and disappointment on others. Bear in mind, however, that in times of trouble, your best allies are those who stick around and support you.  Instead, pour your pent up energy on exploring  solutions to your problem.  

Gather all the information you need. 

Every problem has a solution.  And this involves learning all there is to know about a problem.  This applies to many aspects of life. For instance, a doctor will only prescribe the appropriate medication after a thorough patient examination, asking the right questions and analyzing results of physical and laboratory tests.  By going to the heart of the problem, you are able to devise a plan of action.    

List possible options. 

Writing down possible solutions allows you to process each option objectively.  The appropriate solution will soon emerge after weighing the pros and cons of each option.  

Look at the positive aspect of your problem. 

Focusing on the negative aspect of your problem will only increase feelings of helplessness.  On the other hand, looking at the positive side eases the emotional aspect. Learn to look for the brighter side of every problem.    

Challenges add meaning and purpose to life.  They teach you how to appreciate the good things that come and to count your blessings more.  While pain and difficulty may accompany every problem, a positive mindset and fighting spirit will help you get over the hump and emerge much stronger than ever.

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