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Fastest Learning Technique : S.A.P.

The ability to grasp lessons quickly is an indispensable skill both in business and life, in general.  With loads of information available on the Internet, the best information products or resources are those that maximize learning in the shortest time.   Here’s what some experts recommend

Fastest way to learn

Memory experts maintain that the fastest way to learn is not by following a step by step guide, but by using the Scan-Absorb-Process (SAP) technique.


The learning process often starts by scanning a training product or resource, in search of key points that answer your most pressing issues or solve a problem.   When you scan, you go straight to the portion which relates to your needs.

This technique, however, works well only with specific types of content. What you’re looking for are articles or books that use:

  • bulleted or numbered lists
  • subheadings
  • table of contents
  • bold letters, italics and other special font styles
  • structured paragraphs with thesis and concluding sentences


Absorbing content must accompany scanning for optimum learning.  You can do this by taking down notes verbatim or by rephrasing lessons and ideas. You can also make an outline or draw a mindmap as you scan to aid absorption. 


A great way to process what you’ve just learned is by trying out the method or technique immediately.  In learning, experience is still the best teacher.  This is why experts encourage students to do practical exercises immediately after scanning a new lesson. This not only drives home the point but helps test the principles taught.  

Kinesthetic movement while learning promotes optimum education. So, read a book while on a stationary bike or  listen to an audio lesson while taking a walk. 

While learning new skills ordinarily takes time, you can reduce the learning curve by applying the Scan-Absorb-Process technique.  Experts maintain that children can also be taught this technique for better performance in school.

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