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Does Love Deserve A Second Chance? What to do when he comes back for you

Boyfriends may come and go, but once you have loved someone, he will always have a special place in your heart. 

 Sometimes, it takes a little separation for your ex to realize that you actually mean a lot to him.  He may start to send you signs of wanting to reconcile with you.  He may embark on a mission to restore your old relationship or to start all over again with you.  You consider the idea of getting back. 

 It is easy to fall in love again with someone who shared a special history with you.  The break from the relationship may have managed to erase some of the negative feelings between you and your ex.  And you wonder if both of you deserve another shot at a relationship.  

It’s nice to know that he still thinks of you and is wooing you all over again. Back when you first started your relationship, you used your heart in making that decision because you didn’t know him then as well as you know him now.  The circumstances now are different.  Take time out to reflect on the relationship that died.  Consider the following first:

  • There is a reason why you are no longer with him today.  If the cause of your break-up was serious enough to separate you from him, then it is possible that reconciliation may be short-lived or temporary. 
  • True reconciliation is possible only when both of you decide to change.  You can’t expect your relationship to run more smoothly than before if you both still make the same mistakes. 
  • A strong commitment is always essential in a relationship.  Without a firm resolution to stay and work things out, your relationship with him will break at the slightest provocation because you do not have the desire to stay. 
  • Some people can get past an infidelity.   It is still possible for the two of you to have a loving relationship after one or both of you was caught cheating on the other.  To move beyond a partner’s betrayal, one has to work hard at regaining that trust while the other should be open to trusting the erring partner again. 
  • Haste makes waste.  There’s no need to rush into a second relationship with him if you still need more time to convince yourself about its merits.  You’ve made some mistakes before; take care to avoid them this time.  There’s no telling what a second break-up can do to your lives. 

 Some relationships are just so broken that reconciliation is out of the question.  Others are lucky to be able to use their past as a learning experience for them to become stronger as a couple. If you truly believe that he deserves a second chance, then go for it. 

As the old adage goes,

 “If you love someone set him free. If he comes back to you, then it was meant to be.”

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