Are You A Trophy Girlfriend?

You see this often: an average-looking man with an arm around a stunningly beautiful woman.  Flip through the society pages of a newspaper and you will also see wealthy and accomplished men photographed beside their eye-catching dates.  Politicians are guilty of this.  Most men seeking elective office are said to purposely marry the most beautiful faces that their money can buy in an effort to look picture-perfect to their constituents.  An additional bonus is that a beautiful woman can increase a man’s chances of improving his gene pool as she may bear him beautiful children someday.   

For a woman who is referred to as a trophy wife or girlfriend, the label can be degrading as it implies that she is valued for nothing more than her physical assets.  Women yearn to be loved completely, and this includes not just what is seen on the outside but also what she has between her ears and in her heart.  While you are flattered by compliments about your beauty, you don’t want to be treated simply like a doll that doesn’t speak her mind, and is locked up in a glass case for all to see. It’s time to re-assess old views about the trophy date and consider the following ideas:  ·         

Men are visual creatures.   They are attracted to beautiful things: sports cars, grand homes, sleek gadgets and beautiful women.  While your boyfriend’s interest in you may have started off with a strong physical attraction, if after getting to know you, your boyfriend finds that your personality is dull and shallow, he may not ask you out a second or a third time. A woman must have something else about her in order to hold a man’s attention.  If he’s still with you, then he must have seen something more than just your beautiful face.          

Take pride in your beauty.  Without being narcissistic, be comforted by the fact that your boyfriend is proud of you.  Would you rather be hidden from everyone else?  In a sea of average looking people, it is your fortune to be born with the face of an angel.   

Break free from the stereotype of a beautiful woman.  You don’t always have to be bothered by the opinion of others; you can’t control their thoughts.  What you can do is to shine in a field that you are good at.  Continue to improve yourself by learning new skills and perfecting your craft.  Be nice to people from all walks of life.  A beautiful face and a good heart is a rare combination.  In time, you will be admired for being beautiful inside and out.      

Being beautiful is a blessing.  Be thankful for it.  Your man certainly appreciates it.  You would be right to worry if other than parade you around in front of his friends, your man does nothing to show that he respects you or appreciates you.  In such an instance, your beauty should give you the strength to break free from a meaningless relationship. With your looks, you should have no problem finding better men to be with.

After all, a beautiful woman is worth fighting for.   

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