First Date Tips

Men go out on a date for various reasons.  Most are interested in pursuing a long term relationship with a woman they like.  Some may just be in need of a female companion for an occasion.  Others simply wish to explore the possibility of physical intimacy without the benefit of a relationship.   Whether your intentions are for a lasting commitment or a brief encounter with a woman, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving your date a good time.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Prepare for it.  Even the most experienced daters go through some form of preparation for a girl they are taking out for the first time.  Spend some time finding out whatever you can about your date.  Know her likes and dislikes.  Seek an understanding of what she does for a living.  The preliminary information will help you pick a place to eat or hang out with her. The right setting will put her in a good mood.  Attend to your personal hygiene and figure what you will be wearing ahead of time.
  • Make her feel comfortable during your date.  If you get her to warm up to you, you increase your chances of having a second or succeeding date with her. 
  • Don’t expect intimacy on the first date.  Most women prefer to get to know their dates before getting into bed with any of them.  Be realistic in your expectations to avoid getting disappointed when the night is over.
  • Avoid being a bad first date for any woman.  This rule applies whether you want to pursue a relationship with her or if you just want to hang out or have a fling with her.  If the first date is a disappointment, a woman you like may not want to see you again.  If you don’t care how a casual date will turn out, you should still give your date a good time.  You’ll never know who your casual date may be friends or connected with.  If word gets around about how you are a sloppy date material, you decrease your chances of seizing more dates with women you really like. 


First impressions are made during the first dates.  Try not to make distinctions between a serious date and a casual date.  Every woman who agrees to go out with you expects a degree of respect and attention from you to make her time with you worthwhile.  Make every date matter, because you’ll never know how a woman really is until you go out with her.

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