What is the attitude of gratitude and how can I use it to gain more

A powerful way of drawing an abundance of good things in your life is to maintain an attitude of gratitude.  Appreciating what you have, be they big or small, is an essential part of receiving new blessings.  It is a positive energy that can set in motion the universe’s law of attraction.  To the unfamiliar, the law of attraction simply is:  “Like attracts like.”  Positive energies attract positive things.  Good thoughts generate good events, so on and so forth.  When you are grateful for what you have, you emit a positive energy that the universe absorbs and sends you back the same things that you are grateful for. 

You can use the attitude of gratitude to gain more of the good things in life.  This powerful attitude starts in your mind and you need to observe it regularly to reap its benefits. Here are some ways to unleash the power of the attitude of gratitude:

Begin your day with thoughts and feelings of gratitude.  As you start each day, say thank you for the positive things that you have received and for the new day that is about to unfold.  Make the attitude of gratitude a daily habit and watch the universe respond by bringing you more good things to appreciate. 

Focus on what you already have.  It does not matter whether the things you are grateful for are extraordinary ones or minor ones.  What is important is that you feel good about those things.  It is possible that you may be feeling overwhelmed right now by feelings of insufficiency.  When you start to notice the things that you do not have, it will help you to make a list of all the things that you are thankful for. Everyone has something to be grateful for.  As you write those things down, you will begin to feel grateful for what you have regardless of what you lack in life.  Feelings of gratitude produce positive brain signals to the universe.  In turn, the universe generates more of the positive things that you want by virtue of the law of attraction.  The law of attraction works by picking up those thoughts and giving you more just like them.

Give thanks as though you have already received what you want.  Feeling as if your wish is happening to you in the present sends a much stronger signal to the universe than simply asking for it.  Being thankful now before you actually receive your wish is a powerful way for creating the feeling of “now-ness” that the law of attraction can mirror back at you.  Say thank you for the money that you receive and feel its presence in your life.  Be grateful for the favorable response of a request that is yet to be acted upon and believe that it has already been granted.  Declare your gratitude with sentences that start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and fill in the rest with what you want.  The universe cooperates by giving you exactly what you are thankful for.

Indeed, practice gratitude everyday and all good things will come to you.

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