Understanding Quantum Consciousness

Sometime last year, a client asked me to write a few articles on an interesting and complex subject– Quantum Consciousness.  For some, what you are about to read can be confusing or enlightening, depending on how “open” your mind is to exploring theories of the mind. 

Here is that article:

Answering the question “what is consciousness?” has baffled scientists and philosophers for quite some time. Men of science on one hand explain consciousness or the mind in physical ways by describing the brain, its structure and fabric. 

While the brain is responsible for the body’s responses to stimuli using the five material senses of touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight, there are other brain activities such as mind wandering, day dreaming, meditation, and memories which occur without physical stimuli, but are nonetheless real.   Thus, the theory of quantum consciousness arose as another school of thought attempted to fully explain the mind using a combination of science and philosophy. 

Basis of quantum consciousness

The underlying principle of quantum consciousness holds that the mind controls the brain and that consciousness is not merely physical matter.  To understand consciousness, its proponents posed the philosophical question: 

 What is the self?

At first glance, it may seem like a simple, even trivial question.  For most of us, the self is simply “me” as opposed to “others”.  But on the more fundamental level, the question of “what is the self” is quite difficult to answer. 

Experts from various backgrounds have attempted to explain this abstract concept only to conclude that the mind, consciousness, or the self is not mere physical matter. 

The debate between the scientists on one hand and the philosophers on the other continues. While there may be no definite answer to the question about the self, what remains clear in quantum consciousness theory is that a connection exists between the mind and the body.

Using quantum consciousness for healing


Proceeding from the mind-body connection of quantum consciousness, with your brain as the major control center of the body, some health professionals claim that it is possible to master the mind-body connection heal physical ailments without the use of medicine.

Faith healers, those with incredible inner strength and so-called miracle workers are said to have unleashed the power of the mind or consciousness to change physical matter and overcome diseases. 

Practitioners of quantum healing use their mastery of consciousness as well to treat stress-related diseases such as chronic body aches and pains, boost energy levels, sharpen memory and clarity, delay physical signs of aging, strengthen the immune system and promote a sense of well-being.

Quantum consciousness can be used in many aspects of life. It is best demonstrated by the successes of many in various fields.  These are the people who are able to set goals, motivate themselves and yield tangible results.

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