My secret to good health

Two years ago, I started to suffer from chronic migraine attacks almost three times a week.  To make the throbbing pain go away, I used to pop an over-the-counter pain killer and to shut my eyes for fifteen minutes.   Ibuprofen, my pain killer’s generic name, became my best friend.  I had one with me every time I headed off for a meeting.  I kept a regular supply of ibuprofen just as I would keep stock of daily multivitamins.  I already thought of ibuprofen as some sort of maintenance medicine. 

During my annual medical check-up, my doctor asked me to undergo some tests as she suspected that my blood sugar level was high.  This really came as a shock to me because I did not have a sweet tooth nor was I overweight.  All along I thought that diabetes had something to do with consuming large amounts of sugary food and a bad diet.  I was underweight.  I avoided rice, meat, pasta and soda.  I did not want to believe that I was a candidate for diabetes. 

My visit to the doctor served as my wake-up call.  Once I got home, I started to read up on sugar and learned about low glycemic foods.  Along the way, I stumbled upon a website that not only gave food suggestions for lowering blood sugar levels but also mentioned yoga and other stress-reducing techniques for addressing health issues.  I decided to try my hand at stretching and breathing exercises simply because I abhorred sports or any strenuous physical activity. 

My stretching routine was my quiet moment when I reflected on positive events and let go of negative issues.  I adopted a breathing technique which entailed exhaling hard while telling myself, “I release you _______”  or whatever name, thing or disease produced negative feelings in me.  Within days, I started to feel lighter and more positive about myself.  After thirty days of constant practice, I realized that I had not popped a single pain killer for my migraine, nor could I remember when my last migraine episode was.  Best of all, when I finally had the guts to take my blood sugar test, I came out with a clean bill of health.  My efforts worked. 

Nowadays, I am mindful about my thoughts.  When a negative feeling or  thought creeps in, I recognize it and banish it immediately.  I resort to my regular selection of mood switchers to help me substitute bad thoughts with good ones.  On most days, listening to good music or watching feel-good movies keeps me going.  On other days, catching up with a good friend over a warm cup of coffee uplifts my mood.  While I have my trusted mood switchers to help me through the day, nothing beats the releasing technique that I have incorporated with my daily exercise.  That is the secret to my good health.

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