Procrastination Kills

Failure and success are determined by two common elements: timing and advice. – Pat Mesiti

Even as access to knowledge has become easier than ever with Internet and self improvement resources,  you still see many people leading their lives as before, some even going on a downward spiral. What then causes these  people to fail in spite of all the principles of prosperity being taught to them?   The problem with most people  is procrastination.

Two things are important in success:   Timing and Advice.  Master both, and you’ll find every goal achievable.


Successful people attribute their achievements to doing the right thing while being at the right place and right time.  On the other hand, the ones who fail are those who wait too long before they do something about their situation or get help for it.  Take the case of someone in need of medical help.   For most diseases, early detection and intervention are crucial for effective treatment. 

 The element of timing not only applies to your health, but to your finances, happiness, job and relationship as well.     People who put off saving for the future often end in bankruptcy or debt.   An unhappy marriage that is left untended often leads to divorce.   Similarly, those who continuously postpone pursuing their passions end up with regret when they are old.    


All problems have solutions.  You just need to know what they are.    While it may be possible for you not to know the appropriate solution for your situation, bear in mind that others do. 

There are specialists, experts and those who have dealt with a similar issue with success.  You can turn to professionals like doctors, accountants, lawyers, coaches and consultants for proper advice.    

Timing also matters when seeking advice.     The sooner you ask for assistance, the greater are your chances of resolving your problem or reaching your goals. 

Time stops for no one, nor can it be reversed. For every second that you spend not doing what you are supposed to do, you pull yourself further away from your goal, or worse, make things more difficult to address later on.

So go  to the right people for advice and  take action while your problems are manageable.

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