Focus for Success

Successful people have great focus. 

They know what their strengths are and choose to do only what they’re good at. 

When you do too much, you spread yourself thinly and become less effective.  This is why you need FOCUS.


Focus for strength.

 Your busy lifestyle may mean doing several things at the same time.   While multi tasking may eventually help you get things done, you may notice that your strength is sapped at the end of the day, making it difficult for you to enjoy life outside of work or your business.   On the other hand, doing things a step at a time enables you to focus clearly on any endeavor, resulting in better outcomes while leaving you enough energy to enjoy life after work.  

 Focus for better quality.

A day only has so many hours for you for accomplishing a limited number of activities.   This includes enough time for sleeping, eating, bathing and other personal necessities.   People who try to do too much in one day end up doing things haphazardly as they rush to meet their schedules.  When the quality of your work or output suffers, you end up doing things all over again.  What is more important than getting so many things done is doing things the right way and at the first shot.

Focus on being good at one thing.


It’s best  to set your sights on being good at one thing than being mediocre at everything.  You may try to know a little bit of everything but you won’t get as much fulfillment as when you are a master or specialist at something.    To illustrate, doctors study general medicine but end up specializing in a particular field like neurosurgery, pediatrics or cardiology after leaving school.    This applies to sports as well as athletes tend to excel in a specific event because their skills and training are focused on it.     When an athlete is distracted during training or a competition, he risks the outcome of his performance. 

How to Gain Focus.

  • Review what’s in your life right now.
  •  Ask yourself what your priorities are and trim those activities that do not help you reach your goals.
  • Don’t take on more than you can handle.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  • When you prune some things out of your long list of things to do, you will experience a more rewarding life.

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